Failed Neck Surgery Syndrome

Is there a cure for Failed Neck Surgery Syndrome?

Living with the effects of Failed Neck Surgery Syndrome (FNSS) can be frustrating and debilitating, as persistent pain restricts your quality of life. While finding a definitive cure for FNSS may present challenges, there is a ray of hope in the form of Calmare® Scrambler Therapy. This innovative treatment option has demonstrated remarkable success in providing relief for patients with Failed Neck Surgery Syndrome.

Calmare® Scrambler Therapy employs advanced technology and a unique approach to rewiring the nervous system and disrupting pain signals. By utilizing specialized electrodes and delivering specific patterns of electrical stimulation, this therapy effectively “scrambles” the abnormal pain signals, replacing them with more pleasant sensations. The non-invasive and drug-free nature of this therapy makes it an excellent treatment option, offering renewed hope for those seeking relief from FNSS.

The transformative power of Calmare® Scrambler Therapy lies in its ability to retrain the nervous system and restore proper signaling pathways. By rewiring the brain’s perception of pain, this therapy allows your body to heal and regain function. Many patients who have undergone Calmare® Scrambler Therapy report significant pain relief, improved functionality, and a restoration of their overall quality of life.

At the CRPS and Neuropathic Pain Center of America, we understand the challenges faced by individuals with FNSS. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in providing comprehensive care and expertise in Calmare® Scrambler Therapy. If you or someone you know is seeking a solution to FNSS, contact us today to learn more about how Calmare® Scrambler Therapy can offer hope, relief, and a path towards improved well-being.

Failed Neck Surgery Syndrome

Failed neck surgery syndrome is a condition that occurs when a person undergoes neck surgery but does not experience the desired outcome or continues to experience pain after the surgery. This can be a frustrating and debilitating condition that can significantly impact a person’s quality of life.

  • Incorrect diagnosis
  • Nerve damage that occurred during the surgery that can lead to chronic pain.
  • Scar tissue formation can form around the incision side or in the spinal canal causing compression of the nerve.
  • Hardware failure. The hardware can break leading to pain or rod can errode into the scull if to long.
  • Instability at the level above or below the fuison. Known as transitional syndrome.
  • Incomplete removal of the problem. Sometimes not all the disk material is removed during the surgery and there are fragments of disc that are pushing on the nerve.

Symptoms of Failed neck surgery syndrome can vary:

Chronic pain of the neck, arms, or hands

Numbness or tingling in the arms or hands

Muscle weakness or spasm

Limited mobility or range of motion

Inability to perform activities of daily living

Headaches related to chronic neck pain

Depression or anxiety related to chronic pain